Choosing a Product

The products in The-Qi-Store work by recharging the depleted portion of the different aspects of Qi in your energy body. The products that target the most depleted parts of your energetic system will be the ones that you get the most benefit of.

There are a several ways to choose the right product for you. The most common method is by matching your symptoms to the most common symptoms of each specific qi deficiency. These are listed on the product description pages in the store section. You can also ask your TCM/Qigong therapist to tell you which elements/organs are deficient in your body.

Individuals who have developed precise intuitive capacities through meditation, or people who are innately intuitive can use this test page to match their deficiency to a product(s).


Each energetic organ has a variety of aspects that need to be plentiful and balanced for the organ to perform its functions well. The list below defines the relevant energetic aspects that you will find in these products, so that you can better understand what they aim to do.

  • Yin - Energy that cools, nurtures, restores, vitalises, draws in.
  • Yang - Energy that brings movement, heat, expansion, creation. Together the yin and yang balance each other.
  • Qi - In this context, qi is the force equivalent to functionality. It vitalises the organ functions and dynamics.
  • Jing - The essence. It is the densest of the energies. Jing is the 'material' reservoir for all energetic processes.
  • Xue - Blood energy.  It allows the blood to maximise its nutrition, oxygen and qi capacity.


Currently The-Qi-Store offers products that recharge 3 different energy structures in the body. The segment below offers a brief description of the functions of each energetic organ. 

It is important to note that when organs are mentioned in TCM, they do not refer to the western understanding of a physical organ and its functions. In TCM an 'organ' refers to a combination of physical, psychological, pathological and energetic functions that have been observed to be associated with the organ in question.

To get a list of common symptoms related with the energy deficiency of each organ see the product descriptions in the Store section.

If you are unsure which product to choose, and you are not feeling cold inside, it is often wise to start with the Kidney Yin-recharge as most people have some degree of deficiency in that energetic aspect. 


The kidneys store the basic life energies necessary for all activity and are therefore one of the most important aspects of the human energetic system. They are the battery pack of the human body and must be constantly kept energised and healthy for all other functions to work properly. Most people have a Kidney deficiency of some sort due to the hectic rhythm of modern life. Deficient kidney conditions are very common, whereas excess kidney conditions are rare.

From a TCM point of view, the kidney organ system includes the structures and functions of the renal kidneys, the adrenal glands, their secretions and hormones, the reproductive glands, tissues and associated hormones. In TCM the kidney organ system also controls the skeletal structures, the inner bone structure that houses, protects, nurtures and modulates bone marrow and the bone marrow itself (the source of stem and progenitor cells for the whole body throughout our lifetime).

Additionally, the kidneys are associated with major aspects of the brain and mind, all the sense organs, especially the sense of hearing and the tissues and organs that support these functions. Much of the functionality of the autonomic nervous system that controls fight and flight, courage and fear are also aspects related to the kidney organ system. The kidneys control the sexual and reproductive functions of the body and are the prime source of sexual vitality, health and immunity.

Products related to kidney deficiencies:

Kidney Yin

Kidney Yang

Kidney Qi

Kidney Jing


In TCM, the Spleen is understood as being in charge of the transformation and transportation of food and fluids in the body. The spleen transforms food to extract the energy from it and then transports the resulting food "energy" to various organs and parts of the body where the body's energy and blood are produced. Thus, the spleen is seen as the basis for the production of energy and blood in the entire body. The spleen also controls transformation, separation and movement of fluids. It separates the usable and the unusable from the fluids ingested and these are then transported to their appropriate places. Thus it plays a central role in nourishing the body and promoting development. 

The Spleen is said to be in charge of creating blood by transforming energy derived from food and sending it to the heart. 

The spleen is also responsible for transporting the body's energy and blood to the muscles, flesh, arms and legs. Consequently, overall muscle tone, strength and appearance, especially that of the arms and legs, reflects the health of the spleen. The spleen qi also produces a lifting effect along the midline of the body and keeps the internal organs in place so they do not sag or prolapse.

The spleen's health is reflected in the mouth. If the spleen is functioning correctly then a person will have a good sense of taste and rosy, moist lips.

On a mental level the spleen influences our capacity for thinking, studying, focusing, concentration and memorizing, and attention.

Products related to spleen deficiencies:

Spleen Qi


The liver is responsible for the dispersion and filtering of energy, regulation of emotions, aspects of digestion, the smooth circulation of qi, blood, and body fluids.

The liver stores blood and modulates the blood volume. In a resting or a static situation, when the body requires less blood flow, a large amount of blood is stored in the liver. When working or excited, the body requires more blood flow, that is then releases to meet the requirements.

According to TCM, the eyes reflect the condition of the liver. The health of tendons and ligaments also depends on the nourishment of liver blood. Numb or spastic limbs will occur when there is not enough liver blood to nourish the tendons. 

If there is an imbalance in the liver, emotions such as anger, irritability, frustration and stress may manifest. These emotions may also be the cause liver imbalances.

A balanced liver will manifest as higher intelligence, spirituality, intuition, dreams, introspection, creativity, imagination, respect, love, enthusiasm for life and endurance.

Products related to liver deficiencies:

Coming soon 


All of the products in The-Qi-Store are audio files that contain the specific energy indicated in the product name, and will restore the percentage of energy indicated in the description. The tonification process happens gradually. If you follow the guidelines for your product, the qi integrates in a balanced way.

Please follow the indicated usage frequency.

Getting acquainted with the Understanding Qi segment and watching the videos will help you when choosing the product(s) for your needs. In the store, each product description has a list of the most common symptoms related to an imbalance that the product may help alleviate. The current products in the store are designed to energise the most common energy deficiencies caused by our contemporary way of life.

Finding out which elements/organs are depleted and which aspects of the element are in need of a recharge is key to using The-Qi-Store products effectively. You can do this by comparing your symptoms to the common symptoms indicated in the product descriptions, or by consulting your acupuncturist or TCM/Qigong therapist. 

It is important to note that you should not use more than one product once a day. The body needs clarity and time to process and assimilate energies and 'orders'. It is also not recommended that you use a product the same day as you may have had an energetic treatment, or if you are practicing any energetic modality on yourself.

Always give your body 24 hours or the time you feel you need to assimilate and integrate any form of energetic work. If you are suffering from any acute chronic illness or disease, please refrain from using any of The-Qi-Store products, doing breath work or deep meditation until you have consulted your physician and your TCM therapist. 


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