The GENIE METHOD offers a unique and powerful therapeutic tool that supercharges the body's natural repair and regeneration mechanisms. Using an audio-based approach, users can harness the health benefits typically associated with deep meditative states, targeting a wide array of physical and emotional imbalances.



Customized Approach: The GENIE Method offers a tailored solution. You decide the specific issue you wish to address, ensuring a targeted therapeutic experience.

Diverse Applications: Whether it's a physical injury, mental condition, emotional distress, or any other imbalance, the GENIE Method is versatile in its healing approach.

Activation File: After defining your focus through a questionnaire, you'll receive an audio file crafted to induce an internal healing state.

Efficiency: In many cases, just one session can spur improvement. However, regular sessions over weeks or months are generally recommended. Each session lasts 13 minutes and can be used daily, once a week or once every 15 days depending on one’s preference.

Unparalleled Access: Historically, the benefits of the GENIE Method were only available to those who devoted significant time to meditation and energy work. Now, this healing approach is available to all, irrespective of prior knowledge or experience.


How It Works

Simple Procedure:

  1. Define Your Issue: As a client, identify the health challenge you want to address.
  2. Listen to the Activation Audio: After defining your issue, play the activation audio to initiate your body's intrinsic healing process. 


Key Components

Clear Intention: The efficacy of the GENIE Method is rooted in clarity. A well-defined focus enhances the treatment's effectiveness, allowing you to monitor your progress seamlessly.

Sequential Approach: Address one health concern at a time, moving to the next once you experience relief. Step by step, you'll journey towards improved health.



Setting Your Intention:

1- Through a Questionnaire: The framework for your internal healing is set by filling out a questionnaire. Your responses will guide the focus of the GENIE Method.

2- Receiving the Activation File: Upon completion of the questionnaire, you'll receive the GENIE activation audio in your email. This audio, designed to induce a profound meditative state, sets the stage for your body's targeted healing.


Usage Guidelines

Listening Recommendations: While using headphones enhances the experience, they're not mandatory. The treatment lasts 11 minutes, but it's advisable to relax post-session until you feel balanced and calm.

Consistency is Key: For optimal results, regular and consistent sessions are crucial. While some may experience immediate benefits, others might need multiple sessions to notice significant improvements. 

In summary, the GENIE Method offers a revolutionary approach to health and wellness, bridging the gap between age-old meditative practices and modern-day convenience. Join us on a journey towards better health, one session at a time.