What to Expect


 Setting Expectation

It's crucial to approach the GENIE Method sessions without any preconceived notions. Everyone reacts differently: while some individuals may experience intense sensations during or after a session, others may not perceive any changes. The primary goal is to address and heal the specific health issue being targeted.

 Sensations and Reactions 

- Variability of Sensations: The presence or absence of internal energetic or emotional sensations during the treatment varies among individuals. These sensations become significant only if they become exceedingly uncomfortable.


- Response to Strong Sensations: If a user experiences intense discomfort, they should pause the sessions and consider retrying at a later time. Alternatively, they can seek further guidance or explore a different treatment method.

- Post-Session Reactions: After a GENIE session, it's not uncommon for sensations and symptoms to intensify for the initial few days. This amplification is generally a positive indicator, signifying that the body is actively working to restore equilibrium.

 Relaxation and Rest

Many users find the GENIE treatments deeply relaxing, often falling asleep or entering a tranquil state during the session.

 Our Guarantee

We believe in the efficacy of the GENIE Method. However, if for any reason you feel it's not beneficial for you, we offer a full refund up to 60 days from the date of purchase.