How Do I Use the GENIE

Using the GENIE Method

The GENIE Method is a transformative technique designed for personal well-being. Here's how to use it effectively:

  1. Questionnaire & Checkout

- Start by filling in the provided questionnaire.

- Proceed through the checkout process.

  1. Receive Your GENIE Activation Audio

- After checkout, you'll receive your personal GENIE activation audio.

- You have the choice to download this audio to your preferred device or listen directly from your browser.

  1. Prepare Your Environment

- Choose a serene environment where you're assured of no disturbances for the next 20 minutes.

- For an uninterrupted session, switch your device to airplane mode.

  1. Begin Your GENIE Session

- Lie down comfortably.

- Play the activation audio to start your session, which lasts 13 minutes.

- Falling asleep during a GENIE session is common, so don't be alarmed if it happens.

  1. Post-Session Guidelines

- Once the audio ends, remain lying down until you sense complete tranquility in your body.

- Avoid interactions with people, pets, or electronic devices during this calm period.

- Once you feel grounded, you can resume your regular activities.

  1. Plan Your Next Session

- Mark your calendar for the next session, scheduled for 15 days later.

- While it's tempting, avoid conducting sessions more frequently than recommended. Overdoing it can disturb your body’s subtle energy flows. Remember, less is indeed more.

  1. Subsequent Sessions

- For future sessions, you can continue using the same activation audio.

- If you decide to change the focus of your sessions, revisit the questionnaire. Once completed, you'll receive a new audio file tailored to the specific issue you wish to address.



Stay tuned for a detailed tutorial guiding you through each step of the GENIE Method. This will provide additional insights and tips to ensure an optimal experience.