The GENIE Method: Guidelines for Effective Use

Optimal Timing for Treatment

- The best time for most treatments is during the morning or daytime. Evening treatments may activate the body, potentially disrupting sleep. This, however is just a recommendation. Do your GENIE session during the time of day that your timetable allows it.

Preparing the Treatment Space

- Always conduct the treatment indoors in a peaceful, clean, and comfortable setting.

- The GENIE Method should never be used in bathtubs, pools, or while submerged in water.

- Avoid listening to the GENIE Method activation file while driving as it can induce sleepiness.

Body Posture and Relaxation

- Being relaxed enhances blood and energy circulation, which can improve results.

- Lie down with a straight and relaxed spine during treatment, as most brain-body activity flows through the spine.

Dietary Considerations

- For maximum efficiency, avoid heavy meals before and immediately after the session. This minimizes interruptions from digestive processes.

Incorporation with Other Practices

- If engaged in daily meditation, yoga, qigong  allows the body to focus on the targeted deep-meditation of GENIE, so leave a few hours in between practices until the body has calmed down.

Ensuring Uninterrupted Sessions

- Play the GENIE activation file to completion without disruptions. Activate flight mode on your device and ensure a disturbance-free environment.

Post-Treatment Recommendations

- After treatment, remain lying down and relaxed, preferably in solitude until your body feels calm. Rising too swiftly might cause discomfort or irritation as the body's energy hasn't stabilized.

- The GENIE Method's deep-meditation may influence your energy and mood, either immediately or in subsequent hours and days.

- Deep-meditations can stir emotions and energy. It's vital to integrate these shifts properly. Pay attention to your body's signals post-session and provide it with the necessary rest, exercise, and nourishment.

Interactions with Energetic Treatments

- If undergoing energetic treatments like reiki, acupuncture, qigong, or yoga, ensure a gap of at least 48 hours between these and the GENIE Method to prevent overstimulating the nervous system.