Focus on your specific health issue and target your GENIE deep-meditation to super charge your recovery process. Make it your daily routine or just use it once every 15 days.



I’ve used the GENIE for two purposes now. First, to heal a hip pain that was present for many years. The pain dissipated slowly during a 2 month period. Then it was gone and has not returned. The second time I used the GENIE to heal the post-operatory swelling and problems after eye surgery. Very quickly, my eyes were normal. Works well for me!

Marianne, 75-years, France (Product: GENIE)

I was going through a very difficult time in my family life and and was suffering greatly from anxiety and an overwhelming feeling of sadness. This had lasted for years. My energies were depleted. I used the GENIE to treat the anxiety and after 2-3 sessions, I was feeling much more normal again. This peace and stability allowed me to make necessary life changes. Thank you!

Julia, 40-years, Sweden (Product: GENIE)

I was suffering from hemorroids for more than 2 years. Nothing worked. During this time they never went away. I desperately needed to do something so I just tried the GENIE. My hemorroids were gone the next morning and have been gone ever since. Only did the treatment 2 times. It’s been 4 months now. AMAZING how the body heals itself! Highly recommended!

Alexander, 46 years, UK (Product: GENIE)

I was unable to go running or to do sports in general because of a sharp pain in my right heel. I programmed the GENIE to work on the root cause of my injury/pain. 3 days after the first session the pain was almost gone. I did 2 sessions more just in case. The treatment feels great. I go running 3 times a week now! My problem is fixed :)

Pedro 50-years, Argentina (Product: GENIE)

I had come a cross the GENIE through a friend and I decided to try it to help me with my snoring. It was so strong that my partner was waking up constantly due to the problem. The very same night after trying the GENIE my partner said that the snoring just stopped! I did 2 sessions and its been a month now. I hope it lasts. So far so good. I have no idea how this works, but it does!

John, 46-years, Dubai (Product: GENIE)

I fell at the market and hurt my back. I was in pain and had to be in bed for many months. At my age this is not a good thing. I tried the GENIE and immediately felt a difference because the swelling was getting smaller. My pain is not completely gone but I can move around and have and active life. I’ve used it for 8 months and continue using it every 10 days. Thank you!

Raili, 89-years, Finland (Product: GENIE)