What can the GENIE be used for?

The GENIE targeted deep-mediation activates and amplifies your own body and mind so you can work on nearly any issue or imbalance on any level in your system.  You can use it to help balance  aches, pains, disesases, emotions, thought-forms, low energy states and even on physical injuries for faster recovery times. You decide what you want to heal or improve. The genie will provide the necessary targeted activation for the improvement/change to begin taking place immediately.


Who can use the GENIE?

The GENIE can be used by anyone over the age of 18. Parents can make a GENIE deep-meditation for their children under the age of 18.

People who are pregnant, ill, weak, young or old can always turn to the GENIE for a specific task without fear, because if there is ANY incompatibility the session will not activate.


How do I use the GENIE?

You simply relax and listen to the file that is sent to you. Make sure you have enough time for a treatment and integration. The treatment itself takes 13 minutes, after which you’ll need about 10 mintutes for integration before calmly getting back into your daily routine.

The recomended position to receive the treatment is laying down. The most important thing with regards to your position is that your spine is straight and that you are relaxed and comfortable. The GENIE sessions should be done in a clean and comfortable space and without interruptions.


When do I use the GENIE?

You can do a GENIE Method deep-meditation whenever you feel is the moment or your schedule allows you to. 

A GENIE Method session may sometimes energize the body in a way that may affect sleep if used late in the evening or at night.


Can I use several GENIE Sessions simultaneously?


Yes. You can be working on up to 5 different issues with the GENIE Method at one time.


What do I do if my session is interrupted?

If your session is interupted by something, just stay relaxed, don’t worry and continue the treatment until the end.

If the file has to be paused, continue where you left off as soon as the interruption is over.

Where should I do my session?

The GENIE session should always be done indoors in a clean and comfortable space. This kind of deep-meditation is very subtle and can be influenced by certain external factors, such as rain, cold, heat, thunder, electric currents etc.

The room should be as clean of interference to the energetic state of the space as possible. These kind of interruptions may be caused by other people or pets or electrical devices.

The GENIE should never be used when immersed in water or while driving.


How do I know something is actually happening?

Many people will feel it as energetic charges in the body. Others might only notice the effects, such as more energy, a different mood, and mind set, or a range of sudden emotional releases.

The bottom line is that you should notice that your problem is healing and improving. If your issue has not improved at all in 60 days, then either the GENIE is not activating due to an incompatibility or this modality is not working for you with the current focus.

Many people wear watches and other devices that have bio feedback sensors that monitor heart rate, blood pressure etc. If you have a device and already have a significant baseline data set for the normal state of your body,  then, depending on what you are able to measure, you should notice a difference from the avaerage data during a session or in the immedieate hours and even days after.


How do I make sure the GENIE session is as efficient as possible?

The three most important factors to an efficient healing process are:

1) Relax - Make sure you have the space and time to be relaxed while and immediately after receiving the treatment. When the body is relaxed it will spontaneously allow for necessary reparations and maintenance to take place on all levels.

2) Consistency - It is most likely that you will need several GENIE sessions before a full balanceing of your issue occurs. Sometimes more rooted problems can take months to heal. Make sure to mark down the next treatment in your calendar and make it a PRIORITY. Try to keep the intervals consistent.

If you are doing a 15 day GENIE and are unable to do a session on the recommended day, don’t worry.  Simply do the sessio as soon as possible AFTER 15 days have passed. Try to return to the recomended intervals as soon as possible.

3) Listen - It is likely that you will begin to be more aware of what nurtures your body/emotions/mind as you continue using the GENIE. Start paying more attention to your inner signals and act coherently with them. The food you ingest, the amount and quality of rest you get, the activity you engage in, as well as the your work and relationships you are involved in ultimately need to be balanced for you to experience life in the most pleasant and healthy way. The GENIE will be of great use in this balancing.


I did a GENIE session a few hours ago and now I feel strange. What is going on?

Depending on the nature of the inner work that you are doing, releases may occur that will become apparent in the hours and days after a treatment.

An illness/pain/discomfort/blockage may be caused by a variety of factors. Often the factor causing an imbalance is emotional. In such a case as the treatment releases the emotional content from the deeper layers of the body. As it is purged from the body it will pass through your conscious awareness. If the emotional content is anger then you might suddenly find yourself angry for no reason in the hours and days after the treatment. If the content being released is saddness then this is what you will be able to perceive.

It is important that you learn not to react to what ever emotion or sensation that comes to the surface after a session. Relax your mind and body, and let the body get rid of the emerging factors. 

It may take some practice to learn how to observe without reacting, but this skill can be accuired by practicing the most basic forms of meditation. Just observe what is going on. Do not invent stories or identify with whatever may come out.

In a few hour or days your body will have expelled the emerging toxicity and your healing will have moved one step closer to your goal. 

Healing yourself is work. It is a marathon, not a sprint. If you maintain your focus on the work, the unhealthy information that your body expresses as aches, pains, illnesses and negative emotions will be removed naturally and your every day experience of life will gradually get better and better in a balanced and lasting way.

The GENIE is a tool that allows you to do this work, simply by remembering to do your session.

Can I use the GENIE with other treatments or medication?

Yes. However, if you are receiving some other form of energetic treatment while using the GENIE, please make sure you leave at least 48 hours between the sessions.

The Genie is never a replacement for the medication you are taking. Your use of pharmaceuticals is an issue that is exclusively between you and your doctor.

If you feel discomfort or, if for any reason, you do not feel that this kind of work is for you, simply discontinue the use of the GENIE Method.


Do I have to ’believe’ in something for the GENIE to work?

No. The GENIE works regardless of your belief system. It acts directly on your energetic anatomy which is the blueprint of your physical body.

You must, however, allow the GENIE to work. If you can have an attitude of ’I don’t know how this stuff works but I’m willing to try it out and see’ then your healing will activate. Your only task then is to remember to do the meditation consistently.

If you think that ’this stuff is a hoax and will never work’ then you are not allowing your own body/mind to be activated. The GENIE always works in complete acordance with the free will of the user.

Scepticism is welcome. A scientific approach is the best way to get introduced to the GENIE. Let the results of your process speak for themselves.


Can the GENIE be used to treat COVID-19?

The GENIE Method deep mediations will purge the energetic aspect of any infectious disease when prompted to do so. This may help your body’s immune system fight the viral or bacterial causes in a more efficient way. 

In the case of any infectious disease we recommend using a daily GENIE Method meditation. It is unclear how efficient this is, but reviews have been very positive.

You can also use the GENIE to strengthen the energy levels of your entire system using it as a preventive tool. The stronger your energetic and physiological system, the more effective your defenses against viruses, bacteria and parasites. 


Can I use the GENIE to help in a serious disease?

The GENIE is a powerful tool for helping to balance many diseases. From the pesrspective of bioenergetics, diseases are viewed and imbalances caused by a variety of reasons. If these imbalances can be worked on through the internally, with the body’s own skillset, then the genie will be able to amplify the effects greatly.

There are, however, a range of medical conditions for which this particular tool is inefficient. In these cases other measures should be taken for improvement and healing. Even in these cases the GENIE may still be highly useful for the tratment of discomforts and secondary effects caused by other therapeutic measures.

Below is a list of the diseases for which chances of a succesful remission are low when using the GENIE as the therapeutic tool:

AIDS, ALS, Altherosclerosis, Abnormal uterine bleeding, Arthritis, Arthrosis, Asthma, Benign Essential Blepharospasm, Burns, Childhood Exotropia, Covid 19, Chalcosis, Dementia, Duane Retraction Syndrome, Double Elevator Palsy, Epicanthus, Glaucoma, Jaundice, Kala-azar / Leishmaniasis, Lactose intolerance, Meningitis, Mastitis, Nephritis, Oral/ Brain / Ovarian Cancer, Orbital Dermoid, Osteoarthritis, Orbital Fat Proplapse, Post Polio Syndrome, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Q-fever, Quinsy, Syphilis, Urticaria, Varicose veins, Zika virus.



The Genie Method should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.