How to use the products

The-Qi-Store products are energy transmissions that are codified into short audio recordings. Using  a product is very simple. You can either download the file from the store or stream it directly from The Qi Library. Using head phones is highly recommended for an effective transmission:

  1. Relax in a sitting or laying down position. Make sure that your spine is straight, but not tense.

  2. Listen to the audio file containing the chosen bioenergy/Qi from the website with your headphones until it finishes.

  3. Relax for another few minutes allowing the energy to integrate. Repeat the process according to the recommended usage frequency, never more than one product once per day.  

The products use sound to encapsulate and codify very specific and clearly defined qi-energies that are programmed to replenish specific energetic aspects of your energy body in a direct and highly efficient way.

The sound file works as a container, just as a vitamin capsule does. When ingested, the skin of a capsule melts away and the contents are released to do the work. Similarly, when you listen to the The-Qi-Store recordings you are allowing the energy to enter and go directly to work within the subtle body.

The current line of products replenishes the bioenergetic life force (Qi/Chi/Prana) of the internal energetic anatomy. Unlike sound healing, in which the vibration/frequency re-aligns atoms and molecules into the pattern of the frequency, The-Qi-Store products give specific commands to the body to receive an information/energy package.

The benefit of using pure qi is that, unlike ingested products, there are no residual chemicals that cause negative secondary effects. The normal digestive process in it self uses a great deal of energy, which is saved when an organ is energised directly.

The technology of qi or pranic transmission using sounds or objects as intermediaries has been practiced by yogis and medical qigong masters throughout history. It is only now, however, that our current technologies allow for the health benefits to be accessed and enjoyed easily by anyone with a phone or computer.

Like qigong exercises or other types of yogic/healing techniques, The-Qi-Store products offer a complimentary way to restore and cultivate health. Anyone who wishes to begin restoring and cultivating their energies can do so right now, with or without knowledge of the healing arts through The-QI-Store.

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