Kidney Qi - Single Session

Kidney Qi - Single Session

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This is a Kidney Qi - Single Session Product.  By downloading this product you agree to the terms and conditions. You must be at least 18 years old to use any of The-Qi-Store products.

Kidney Qi Explained

Kidney Qi represents the functions of the kidney organ system. It is yang in nature because of its movement and dynamism, but it lacks the heating function of Kidney yang. Kidney Qi plays a role in supporting the immune system, the proper functioning of the urogenital system, sex drive and fertility as well as the psycho-emotional aspects of fear and paranoia. If you experience combination of some of the symptoms below it is possible that your kidney qi levels are in need of a recharge. 

Common symptoms of Kidney Qi Deficiency:


-Excessive night time urination

-Low libido



-Hair loss




-Poor memory



-Feeling of fear

-Feeling of paranoia

-Weakness in lower back and knees

-Cold limbs

Common causes of Kidney Qi Deficiency

-Genetic factors

-Over working

-Chronic stress

-Lack of sleep

-Excessive negative emotional states (sorrow, fear)

-Long term illness

-Lack of mental stimulation

Precautions and Contraindications

Whenever energy is moved there may be reactions in the body, emotions and mind. This is true for any form of physical activity, yoga, breath-work, meditation, or energetic intervention.

If you are pregnant or suffering from any acute or chronic illness or imbalance consult  your physician and TCM specialist before using The-Qi-Store products, practicing meditation, tai-chi, qigong, yoga, martial arts or any for of form of physically strenuous exercise.

Always observe the reactions in your body, emotions and mental state. If some form of practice feels uncomfortable or wrong stop doing it.


To begin restoring your kidney qi listen to the sound file ONCE A DAY until you feel that it is no longer necessary. The download contains qi encoded to restore 25% of the depleted portion of your kidney qi. 

This energetic transmission is programmed . The link and transmission will stop working after 1 download.  

For instructions on how to use the product, please see the How It Works page.