Spleen Qi - Single Session

Spleen Qi - Single Session

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This is a Spleen Qi - Single Session product.  By downloading this product you agree to the terms and conditions. You must be at least 18 years old to use any of The-Qi-Store products.

Spleen Qi Explained

In TCM, the Spleen is understood as being in charge of the transformation and transportation of food and fluids in the body. The spleen transforms food to extract the energy from it and then transports the resulting food based energy to various organs and parts of the body where the body's energy and blood are produced. The spleen also controls transformation, separation and movement of fluids. It separates the usable and the unusable from the fluids ingested and these are then transported to their appropriate organs. All the energy we receive from our food and drink relies on the proper optimal functioning of the spleen.

Spleen qi refers not only to the actual organ, but to the entire digestive system and aspects of the circulatory system. When the spleen qi is abundant and flowing properly, the digestive system also functions properly. Blood and all the fluids of the digestive system move smoothly, and there are no backups or sagging of the organs.

Common symptoms of Spleen Qi Deficiency:

-Cold hands (not feet)

-Swelling of the eyelids

-Water retention in the legs and abdomen

-Weakness, lethargy

-Pale, bright face

-Shallow breathing

-Low, soft voice

-Little desire to speak

-Poor appetite

-Prolonged headache


-Loose stools



-Tired eyes

-Dislike cold greasy foods

-Headache after exertion

-Symptoms are worse in the morning

-Abdominal discomfort which feels better when pressure is applied



-Bloating and gas

-Weak limbs/muscles

-Varicose veins

-Easy bruising


-Eating disorders

-Obsessive worrying

-Lack of empathy

Common causes of Spleen Qi Deficiency

-Over thinking


-Eating too much or too little

-Eating in a hurry

-Fried or cold foods

-Humid, cold climate

-Too much sugar

-Milk products

-Over use of antibiotics and other medication

-Genetic pre-disposition 

Precautions and Contraindications

Whenever energy is moved there may be reactions in the body, emotions and mind. This is true for any form of physical activity, yoga, breath-work , meditation, or energetic intervention. 

If you are pregnant or suffering from any acute or chronic illness or imbalance consult  your physician and TCM specialist before using The-Qi-Store products, practicing meditation, tai-chi, qigong, yoga, martial arts or any for of form of physically strenuous exercise.

Always observe the reactions in your body, emotions and mental state. If some form of practice feels uncomfortable or wrong stop doing it.


To begin restoring your spleen qi listen to the sound file ONCE A DAY until you feel that it is no longer necessary. The download contains qi encoded to restore 25% of the depleted portion of your spleen qi. 

This energetic transmission is programmed to stop working after 1 download. If you wish to continue using the product after you can download the file again.

For instructions on how to use the product, please see the How It Works page.